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There exists a wide variety of flatbed trailers available, and differing regional names for the various types of equipment. Its possible to ask for and not receive exactly what you want, depending on the area.  Generally, the flatbed world falls into a few broad caterfories:

Standard Flatbed

Dropdeck (or step-deck)

Double Drop (or lowboy)


 The main difference in the categories lies in their load capacity and the height of the trailer bed. Most states in the U.S. limit the height of a legal truckload to 13'6", the height of your shpiment determines what type of equipment is needed for it to move legally (or under permit, as one of the permit requirements is that we reduce the height to the minimum possible).

 Permitting an overdimensional load in any or all directions, is accomplished by obtaining permits from each state (and some municipalities). This process, which can be time-consuming and costly, will also impose restrictions on which route we travel, how many miles we travel, what days and hours we can move, and potentially other dictated safety precautions.

 Since each shipment is unique, it is important to wok with transporation professionals who've DONE IT BEFORE!  We'll need to know what exactly you are shipping

 Dimensions (height, length, width)


Content (Hazardous?)

Where, When and How it will be loaded?

Where, When and How it will be Unloaded?

Chains or Straps?  Tarped?


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